I had lunch with Mark Adler, a terrific film composer and all around great guy. He recently did a beautiful score for Hallmark’s “The Last Valentine,” which aired on CBS.


We got to talking about some of our early work experiences and he mentioned working on Phillip Kaufman’s “Unbearable Lightness of Being” and “Henry and June,” two of my favorite films.


I mentioned I had been the film editor on R.O. Blechman’s “The Soldier’s Tale,” a Great Performance special, based on the piece by Stravinsky. It turns out that Mark not only knew the film, considers “The Soldier’s Tale” one of his favorite Stravinsky pieces, but also knew R.O. Blechman’s work as an illustrator and animator. Wow, I didn’t think anyone was aware of that film.




As it happens, Mark is not just a composer, but also does some animation—he whipped out his iphone and played me a terrific clip he had animated. For more info check out his website: http://www.markadler.com/.




March 22, 2013 @08:39 am
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