I did the score for this Sesame spot for Michael Sporn back in 1981. It was one of about 20 spots we worked on together and we went on to do some great animated films together too. Michael was always full of wonderful ideas for music and he taught me a lot about scoring and how music works with film. In this film Michael wanted the crocodile to be singing opera and as I was listening to a lot of Rossini at the time, I was delighted. Michael had shared with me a lot of his old animated films from the 1030-1940 and I tried to make the music sound like one of those old animated soundtracks. This film was shown at the International Animation Festival in Annecy and is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art. The lyrics are by Maxine Fisher. Unfortunately, I've lost track of who did the wonderful vocal. Michael has more info on the films we worked on together on his wonderful Splog. Go here and scroll down: Splog


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